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Company Profile

Zhejiang ETEK Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd.was founded on January of 2011, which has more than 200 employees now. It is a professional manufacturing company engaged in R & D, production and sale of high and low voltage electrical products, such as terminal distribution electrical appliances, industrial distribution electrical appliances, industrial control electrical appliances, DC systems distribution appliances, etc. it possesses 3 major manufacturing departments and 1 import & export trading company. The three manufacturing departments are terminal distribution electrical appliances manufacturing department, industrial distribution electrical appliances manufacturing department and industrial control electrical appliances manufacturing department.

The series of products manufactured by the company are mainly sold to international market. All the products produced are in strictly accordance with international IEC/EN standards and China's GB standards. Most of these products have gained international certification, such as TUV, Intertek, BV and other certification certificates, such as CB, CE, TUV, SEMKO, INMETRO, EAC, SAA, ISO9001, etc. The products are sold to more than 50 countries and regions in the world, such as UK, France, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Brazil and so on. The quality of the products has been widely praised by the majority of users.

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Product Description

Latching Relay EKLT001

Latching Relay Supplier Latching Relay


  • Longer mechanical and electrical life,and much quieter than electromechanical step relays.
  • Controlled by buttons for light switching from more places, are a practical replace-ment for three-way switches and cress-bar switches.

Electrical Features

Rated Voltage 230VAC 50-60Hz
Rated Current 16A 250VAC(COSφ=1)
Contact configuration 1NO(SPST-NO)
Mounting DIN Rail 35 mm(EN 60715)
Ambient temperature range -10...+60℃

Overall and Installation Dimension(mm)

Latching Relay Supplier Latching Relay Drawing


Timer Relay EKTM

Latching Relay Supplier Timer Relay

Technical Data

Classification   24 Hours Timer   Timer Weekly Programmable Timer
Model   EKTM-181H EKTM-181A EKTM-E8 EKTM-15A
Contact Capacity   AC250V 16A AC250V 16A AC250V 16A AC250V 16A
Full Timing Range   24h 24h 7m per week or per day cycle
Contact resistanca   ≤50mΩ ≤50mΩ ≤50mΩ ≤50mΩ
Insulation Resistance   ≥100mΩ ≥100mΩ ≥100mΩ ≥100mΩ
Coil Voltage   110,230V AC 110,230V AC 110,230V AC 230V AC 85%~110%
Life Electrical 105 times 105 times 105 times 105 times
  Mechanical 107 times 107 times 107 times 107 times
Operating Temperature   -40℃+55℃ -10℃+55℃ -40℃+55℃ -20℃+55℃
Storage Battery   Time 150h Time 70h Rated Voltage:
(Working Reserve)         AC200V 50Hz 85%-110%
          Contact Form:1NC/1NO
          Accuracy : ≤2S/day(25℃)
          Expectancy Display:LCD
          Mounting Form:
Minimum Setting Unit   30Minutes 15Minutes 0.5Minutes From panel,DIN Rail
Set uo Times   30m/per times 15m/per times 1M,1.5M2M,2.5M Programmable:
    48 times 96 times 3M,3.5M,4.5M,5M 8time week or day
        5.5M,6M,6.5M,7M Memory Backup:15days

Overall and Installation Dimension(mm)

Latching Relay Supplier Timer Relay Drawing

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