S2 seris 6KA RCBO EKL9-40 with AFDD EKAFD40

> S2 seris 6KA RCBO EKL9-40 with AFDD EKAFD40

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RCBO Protection

① Arc Fault Protction
② Overload Protection
③ Short-Circuit Protection
④ Earth-Leakage Protection

RCBO Technical Data
Rated voltage(Ue) AC230V
Rated insulationRated frequency voltage(Ui) 50HZ±2%
Rated insulation voltage(Ui)  400V
Rated impulse withstand voltage(Uimp) 4KV 50HZ±2%
Rated curren(t In)  6A、10A、16A、20A、25A、32A、40A
Number of poles  1P+N(N pole disconnectable)
Magnetic tripping type  B-type、C-type
Rated service short circuit capacity(Ics)  6KA
Rated short circuit capacity(Icn)  6KA
Insulation material class  Ⅲa
Grid distance(mm)  40mm
Rated sensitivity  30mA type A, AC
Wide  36mm
Overall and Installation Dimension(mm)

Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Over Current Protection RCBO

The range designed to ensure efficiency and protection, Electricians will install an RCBO (Residual Current Breaker with Overcurrent) where there is a need to prevent overload on a particular circuit at the same time as preventing anyone getting a shock, An RCBO also works as an MCB (Minature or Mains Circuit Breaker). RCBOs are commonly used in applications where there is the need to combine protection against overcurrents (overload and short-circuit) and protection against earth leakage currents. RCBOs help in sensing this kind of faults and trip the circuit ensuring complete protection of the people and connected equipment. RCBO is wide range of breaking capacities for application from residential to industrial field


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