Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) is an electrical safety device that quickly disconnects a circuit that leaks current to earth. It is designed to protect equipment and reduce the risk of serious injury from sustained electrical shock. RCCBs work on the principle of residual current, which is current flowing through ground or other unintended paths due to insulation failure or other reasons. The RCCB detects this current and breaks the circuit to prevent electrical accidents.

RCCBs are commonly used in homes, offices and other buildings where electrical safety is a concern. They are usually installed on distribution boards and can protect multiple circuits at the same time. RCCBs have different sensitivity levels, which determine the amount of residual current that triggers their tripping. In general, RCCBs have a sensitivity range of 10-300 mA. 

Overall, RCCBs are an important safety measure for protecting against electrical accidents caused by residual current faults.

ETEK Electric provides you with different types of RCCBs (A, AC, S, B, EV(A+DC6mA) ) to meet different application scenarios and provide customers with the best electrical safety solutions.

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