ETEK is a new rising brand of electrical appliances, which was founded by Mr.Zhaofang Wu and other partners in Wenzhou city,Zhejiang Province in 2011. It initially starts with MCB production, providing products and services to Turkey market, and now is fully developed. Except the circuit breakers, it also expands to RCCB&RCBO, isolation switch, modular products and other circuit breakers. ETEK is the foreign translation for the oversea market, which has been adhering to the concept of "building high quality products and serving customers in all directions".

ETEK’s pronunciation: Electrical Technology’ abbreviated combination, E comes from the initial of Electrical, TEK comes from the pronunciation of Technology’s TECH. so ETEK means electrical technology, which is meaning from the company’s purpose of development "based on electrical appliances, thriving the enterprise with science and technology ".

ETEK will build a professional production company based on circuit breakers, the company will develop a full range of MCB,RCCB,RCBO,MCCB,ACB, striving for the leading technology,complet product category and certification in the domestic industry. At the meanwhile, ETEK will set up sales and service branches in the main countries of the world to build the international brand : ETEK.

ETEK will build a first-class entrepreneurial platform, provide more opportunities for employment for the society, and look for people with lofty ideals to work and develop together, and make good returns to our country and society.