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  • Categories:EV Charging Equipment
  • MOQ:1
  • Brand:ETEK
  • FOB Port:Ningbo, Zhejiang
  • Terms of Payment:Western Union,T/T Paypal
  • Delivery Time:15 Wording Days

Product Characteristics

With exquisite appearance, it has upper clamshell protection, supported for front installation mode.

Adopting reliable materials, it is characterized with flame retardant, wear resistant, impact resistant and high oil resistant.

It conforms to SHEET2-lla of IEC62196-2 standard.

With superior protection performance, its protection level reaches IP44.

Naming Rules

Electrical Parameter

Rated Current 16A/32A
Rated Voltage 240V/415V
Insulation >1000MΩ, DC(1000V)
Terminal temperature >1000MΩ, DC(1000V)
Withstand Voltage 2000V
Contact Resistance 0.5mΩMax

Mechanical Performance 

no-load plug in/pull out


Coupled geinsertion force

<100N(P) <75N(V)

Withstanding lmpact Force

Affordable for falling from one-meter height and two-ton car crush

Ambient Condition 

Ambient Temperature(working)


Major Material 

Housing Material

UL94V-0 Reinforced Themoplastic, UL94V-0

Pin Material

Copper Alloy, Ag Plated

Modle Selection And Standard Wiring 

Model Rated Current Cable specofocation
VTC-FSA132-T2 32A single phase 3×6.0mm 2 +2×0.5mm 2
VTC-FSA332-T2 32A three phase 5×6.0mm 2 +2×0.5mm 2
VTC-FSB332-T2 32A single phase 3×6.0mm 2 +2×0.5mm 2
VTC-FSB332-T2 32A three phase 5×6.0mm 2 +2×0.5mm 2

Appearance and Installation Size


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