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EKM8EL Electronic type MCCB with Earth-leakage protection

EKM8EL Electronic type MCCB with Earth-leakage protection
Technical Data

Product Overview

EKM8E and EKM8EL series electronic circuit breakers are applicable for low-voltage power systems of AC 50Hz, rated operating voltage up to 1000V and rated operating current from 16A to 800A.

Ambient and installation conditions

● Altitude up to 2000m;
● Ambient medium temperature should be within -5℃ to +40℃ (+45℃ for marine products);
● It can withstand the effect of damp air;
● It can withstand the effect of salt fog or oil mist;
● It can withstand the effect of moulds;
● It can withstand the effect of nuclear radiation;
● The max inclination is 22.5℃.
● It still can work reliably when the ship subjects to normal vibration;
● It can still work reliably if the product subjects to the earthquake (4g).
● Places where the surrounding medium is free from explosion danger, and far away from gas or conductive dust that would erode the metal or destroy the insulation;
● Keep away from rain or snow.

Product Features

● Circuit breaker can be equipped with undervoltage release, shunt release, auxiliary contacts, alarm contacts, electric operating mechanism, rotary operating handle and other accessories.
● Circuit breaker has protection functions of overload long delay, short-circuit short delay and short-circuit
instantaneous protection, the user can set the required protection characteristics (user only needs to operate the DIP switch for settings of protection function parameters).
● Circuit breaker has ground fault and thermal analog protection functions, pre-alarm indication over-current
indication, load current indication, digital current analysis technology, and it can achieve a higher level of protection.
● EKM8EL series is circuit breaker with residual current protection function.

Panel and function description
Intelligent release panel

Panel adjustment knob as follows in turn:

● IR(A) Isd(x IR) Ii(x IR)
● IR: Overload long delay tripping setting current; Isd: Short-circuit short delay tripping setting current;
● Ii: Short-circuit instantaneous tripping setting current;

The rest parameters are set by factory default, or set by remote communication, as follows:

● tR: Overload long delay setting time, factory default: 60s;
● tsd: Short-circuit short delay setting time, factory default: 0.1s;
● Ip: Overload pre-alarm setting current, factory default: 0.85*IR;

Intelligent communication port (COM):

1:Power supply input DC24V(+)  6:485B-
2:Power supply input DC24V(-)  7:Closing and opening common terminal of electric operating mechanism
3:485A+ 8:Closing and opening common terminal of electric operating mechanism
4:485A+ 9:Opening of electric operating mechanism
5:485B- 10:Closing of electric operating mechanism

Panel With Residual Current Protection

1: Setting current In overload indicator, the red light will go on when the operation current is ≥ 105% In  
2: Pre-alarm current Ip indicator, the yellow light starts flashing when operation current is ≥ Ipx90%
3: When operation current is ≥ 60% xln setting current, the green light will go on
4: The code switch for residual current setting
5: The code switch for leakage action time setting

 Product Selection Guide

Product code Adjustable type Rated residual operating current
circuit breaker
E: electronic adjustable L: residual-current circuit breaker
Quick fixed type
Quick adjustable type
160 P 3
Code of frame size current Code of operating mode Pole number
P: electric operation
Z: rotary handle
W: direct operation
①Electric operation
3: 3-pole
4: 4-pole
400 2 A
Code of release type
and internal accessory
Code of different applications Code of four-pole product
2: intelligent release
Accessory code, see table 1
1: power distribution
2: motor protection
A: N-pole without protection, cannot close or open
B: N-pole without protection, can close and open  
C: N-pole with protection, can close and open
D: N-pole with protection, cannot close or open

Main Performance Indexes

Frame current (A) 160 250 400 800
Model EKM8EL-160M EKM8EL-250H EKM8EL-400H EKM8EL-800H
Pole number 3, 4 3, 4 3, 4 3, 4
Power supply system 3Φ3W, 1Φ2W,1Φ3W 3Φ4W, 3Φ3W,1Φ3W, 1Φ2W,1Φ3W 3Φ3W, 1Φ2W,1Φ3W 3Φ3W, 1Φ2W,1Φ3W, 3Φ4W
Rated current (A) 16-32, 40-125,80-160 100-250 200-400 300-630,400-800
Rated voltage (V) AC400V
Rated insulation voltage (V) AC1000V
Leakage indication system   Button
Short-circuit breaking
AC400V 35/25 50/35 65/50 65/50
Operating cycle number Electrical life 1500 1000 1000 1000
Mechanical life 7000 7000 4000 4000
Quick type Rated residual operating current 100, 300, 500(adjustable)
Max. actuation time 0.1
Delay type Rated residual operating current 100, 300, 500(adjustable)
Max. actuation time under 21△n (s) Inertia 0.45, 1.0, 2.0(adjustable)
non-actuation time under 21△n (s) 0.1, 0.5, 1.0
Outline dim(mm) a-b-c-ca
3P 90-155-88-115 105-165-88-115 140-257-103-155 210-257-103-155
4P 120-155-88-115 140-165-88-115 185-257-103-155 280-257-103-155
Weight (kg) 3P 1.8 2.1 6.6 12.5
4P 2.3 2.6 8.4 17.5
Electric operating device (MD)
External driving
operating handle
Automatic release Electronic type

EKM8EL Electronic type MCCB with Earth-leakage protection