The working principle of miniature circuit breaker

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The working principle of miniature circuit breakerMiniature circuit breaker, referred to as MCB, is the most widely used terminal protection electrical appliance in building electrical terminal power distribution devices. It is used for single-phase and three-phase short circuit, overload, overvoltage protection under 125A, including single-pole 1P, two-pole 2P, three-pole 3P, and four-pole 4P.

working principle

The miniature circuit breaker is composed of operating mechanism, contacts, protection devices (various releases), arc extinguishing system, etc. The main contact is manually operated or electrically closed. After the main contact is closed, the free trip mechanism locks the main contact in the closing position. The coil of the overcurrent release and the thermal element of the thermal release are connected in series with the main circuit, and the coil of the undervoltage release is connected in parallel with the power supply. When the circuit is short-circuited or severely overloaded, the armature of the overcurrent release pulls in to make the free trip mechanism act, and the main contact disconnects the main circuit. When the circuit is overloaded, the heating element of the thermal trip unit will bend the bimetal and push the free trip mechanism to move. When the circuit is under-voltage, the armature of the under-voltage release is released. The free trip mechanism is also activated.

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