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Many people don't know about the leakage current protection circuit breakers, and sometimes it trips. Even if the switch is pushed up, it will not resume power immediately. At this time, if you look closely, you will find a small yellow button in the upper right corner of the RCBO, which says that you press once a month. You must press this button without hesitation.

You must not underestimate this button. If there is a problem with the circuit in the home, a timely trip can prevent the circuit at home from being burned out. In fact, the two functions of the leakage protection switch and the air switch do not duplicate. The common purpose of the two is to protect the household's electrical safety, while the leakage protection switch focuses on protecting the safety of the family.

In fact, the principle of the leakage protection switch is very simple, by detecting the current difference between the live line and the neutral line. If the current difference reaches a certain limit and level, then the leakage protection switch will automatically think that the electrical appliance is leaking.

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