Isolation switch introduction

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The isolating switch is a switching device mainly used for "isolated power supply, switching operation, to connect and cut off small current circuits", and without arc extinguishing function. When the isolating switch is in the position, there is an insulation distance and a clear disconnection mark between the contacts in accordance with the specified requirements; in the combined position, it can carry the current under the normal loop condition and under abnormal conditions (such as short circuit) within a specified time. Current switching device. Generally used as a high-voltage isolating switch, that is, an isolating switch with a rated voltage of 1kV or more. Its working principle and structure are relatively simple, but due to the large amount of use and high reliability requirements, the design and establishment of substations and power plants are The impact of safe operation is large. The main feature of the isolating switch is that it has no arc extinguishing capability and can only divide and close the circuit without load current.

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