Little knowledge about high voltage isolation switch installation

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The outdoor type isolating switch should be horizontal when installed in the open air, so that the supporting porcelain bottle with porcelain skirt can really protect against rain; when the indoor isolation switch is installed vertically, the static contact is above, and the casing can be tilted. Install at a certain angle. Under normal circumstances, the static contact is connected to the power supply. The moving contact is connected to the load, but when the isolating switch installed in the power receiving cabinet adopts the cable incoming line, the power supply is on the moving contact side, and some kinds of connection methods are commonly called “pour into the fire”.

The connection between the two sides of the isolating switch and the busbar and cable should be firm. If there is copper or aluminum conductor, copper-aluminum transition joint should be used when contact, to prevent galvanic corrosion.

The moving and static contacts of the isolating switch should be aligned. Otherwise, the side impact phenomenon will occur when the switch is closed. After the closing, the contact pressure between the moving and static contacts will be uneven, which will cause poor contact.

The operating mechanism and transmission machinery of the isolating switch should be adjusted so that the branching and closing operations can be carried out normally without resistance. It is also necessary to meet the requirements of three-phase synchronous operation, that is, the three-phase moving contact is operated at the same time during the split and closing, and the deviation in different periods should be less than 3mm. In addition, when in the closing position, the moving contact should have sufficient depth of cut to ensure that the contact area meets the requirements; but it cannot be over-headed, requiring the moving contact to have a gap of 3tnm ~ 5mm from the base of the static contact, otherwise closing When it is too strong, it will break the supporting porcelain bottle of the static contact. When in the open position, there must be sufficient pulling distance between the moving and static contacts to effectively isolate the live part. The distance should be no less than 160mm, or the angle between the moving contact and the static contact should be less than 65°. 


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