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Zhejiang ETEK Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded on January of 2011, which has more than 200 employees now. It is a professional manufacturing company engaged in R & D, production and sale of high and low voltage electrical products, such as terminal distribution electrical appliances, industrial distribution electrical appliances, industrial control electrical appliances, DC systems distribution appliances, etc. it possesses 3 major manufacturing departments and 1 import & export trading company. The three manufacturing departments are terminal distribution electrical appliances manufacturing department, industrial distribution electrical appliances manufacturing department and industrial control electrical appliances manufacturing department.

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product description

EKM1-40N 6KA Mini Circuit Breaker

Mini Circuit Breaker Supplier EKM1 40N 6KA Mini Circuit Breaker

Electrical Features

Rated current In 6,8,10,13,16,20,25,32,40A
Poles 1P+N
Rated voltage Ue 230/240V
Insulation voltage Ui 500V
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Rated breaking capacity 6,000A
Energy limiting class 3
Rated impulse withstand voltage(1.5/50) Uimp 4,000V
Dielectric test voltage at ind. Freq. for 1 min 2kV
Pollution degree 2
Thermo-magnetic release characteristic B,C
Driving Power Source 380V Three-phase Five-line 50HZ
Control Power Source DC24V
Compressed Air Requirement ≤0.65m3/min(Compress air is provided by user) Working Pressure=0.5MPa

Mechanical Features

Electrical life 4,000 Cycles
Mechanical life 10,000 Cycles
Contact position indicator Yes
Protection degree IP20
Reference temperature for setting of thermal element 30℃
Ambient temperature (with daily average≤35℃) -5℃~+40℃
Storage temperature -25℃~+70℃
Package Accuracy Error≤Multi-Head Computer Weigher±1% Contraction Cup±2g Augar Filler±1 (depended on the product features)
Weight 2300kg
Dimension 2476mm*1797mm*1661mm (L,W,H)
Total Power 12.29kw
Compressed Air Requirement ≤0.65m3/min(Compress air is provided by user) Working Pressure=0.5MPa



EKMF Modular Contactor Manual Type

Mini Circuit Breaker Supplier Modular Contactor Manual Type

Electrical Features

Rating(In)   Control voltage(VAC)(50/60 Hz) Consumption   Max. power  
AC-7a AC-7b   Holding Inrush    
2P 16A 6A 220...240 2.7VA 9.2VA 1.2W
  20A 7A 220...240 2.7VA 9.2VA 1.2W
  25A 9A 220...240 3.8VA 15VA 1.2W
  40A 18A 220...240 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W
  63A 25A 220...240 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W
  100A - 220...240 6.5VA 53VA 2.1W
4P 16A 6A 220...240 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W
  25A 9A 220...240 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W
  32A 12A 220...240 6.5VA 53VA 2.1W
  40A 18A 220...240 6.5VA 53VA 2.1W
  63A 25A 220...240 6.5VA 53VA 2.1W
  100A - 220...240 13VA 106VA 4.2W

Overall and Installation Dimension(mm)

Mini Circuit Breaker Supplier Modular Contactor drawing

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