Modular Digital Meter Supplier

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Company Profile

Zhejiang ETEK Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded on January of 2011, which has more than 200 employees now. It is a professional manufacturing company engaged in R & D, production and sale of high and low voltage electrical products, such as terminal distribution electrical appliances, industrial distribution electrical appliances, industrial control electrical appliances, DC systems distribution appliances, etc. it possesses 3 major manufacturing departments and 1 import & export trading company. The three manufacturing departments are terminal distribution electrical appliances manufacturing department, industrial distribution electrical appliances manufacturing department and industrial control electrical appliances manufacturing department.

The series of products manufactured by the company are mainly sold to international market. All the products produced are in strictly accordance with international IEC/EN standards and China's GB standards. Most of these products have gained international certification, such as TUV, Intertek, BV and other certification certificates, such as CB, CE, TUV, SEMKO, INMETRO, EAC, SAA, ISO9001, etc. The products are sold to more than 50 countries and regions in the world, such as UK, France, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Brazil and so on. The quality of the products has been widely praised by the majority of users.

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Product Description

Modular Digital Meter EKMV,EKMA,EKMVA,EKMHZ

Modular Digital Meter Supplier Modular Digital Meter

Technical Data

Voltage+Amper Meter Voltage+Amper Meter with C.T Amper Meter Amper Meter with C.T
Modulars: 2(W=36mm) Modulars: 2(W=36mm) Modulars: 2(W=36mm) Modulars: 2(W=36mm)
Measuring Range: 80-300V,0-999A Measuring Range: 80-300V,0-100A Measuring Range: 0-999A Measuring Range: 0-100A
Signal Input: AC 80-300V,5A Signal Input: AC 80-300V,0-100A Signal Input: AC 5A Signal Input: AC 0-100A
Accuracy Class: ±(1%FS+1digit) Accuracy Class: ±(1%FS+1digit) Accuracy Class: ±(1%FS+1digit) Accuracy Class: ±(1%FS+1digit)
Auxiliary Power: No Auxiliary Power: No Auxiliary Power: AC 80-300V Auxiliary Power: AC 80-300V

Overall and Mounting Dimension(mm)

Modular Digital Meter Supplier Modular Digital Meter Drawing


Bell Transformer EKBT

Modular Digital Meter Supplier Bell Transformer EKBT

Construction and Feature

Safe electrical separation between primary and secondary circuit
Provides extra low voltage up to 24V
Low temperature rising
High output accuracy
Extra overload capacity up to 25%within 24 hours

Electrical Features

Rated input voltage 230V AC
Rated output voltage 8, 12, 16, 24V
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Rated power output 8VA
Consumption 0.9W
Service period Continuous operating
Pollution class 2
Connection terminals Pillar terminal with clamp
Connection capacity Rigid conductor 10mm2
Installation On symmetrical DIN rail 35mm
  Panel mounting
Terminal Connection Height H=15.5mm


Applicable to circuit with rated voltage 230V〜and rated frequency 50/60Hz,used to power electric bell of extra low voltage

Overall and Installation Dimension(mm)

Modular Digital Meter Supplier Bell Transformer EKBT Drawing

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