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Company Profile

Zhejiang ETEK Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd.was founded on January of 2011, which has more than 200 employees now. It is a professional manufacturing company engaged in R & D, production and sale of high and low voltage electrical products, such as terminal distribution electrical appliances, industrial distribution electrical appliances, industrial control electrical appliances, DC systems distribution appliances, etc. it possesses 3 major manufacturing departments and 1 import & export trading company. The three manufacturing departments are terminal distribution electrical appliances manufacturing department, industrial distribution electrical appliances manufacturing department and industrial control electrical appliances manufacturing department.

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Product Description

Modular Socket EKP20 EKP7 EKP20B

Modular Socket Supplier Modular Socket

EKP20,EKP20B and EKP7 Modular Socket can be used together with our modular products for connection of mobile devices, tools or electric and electronic non- Modular equipments directly inside civil and industrial switchboards.


Model Rated current(A) Standard Width(mm) Connection capacity
EKP20 16A Germany 44.5 ≤4mm2
EKP7 16A France 44.5 ≤4mm2
EKP20B 13A UK 44.5 ≤4mm2

Electrical Features

Main voltage 230/400V, 50Hz/60Hz
Electric life 5,000 times
Rated insulation voltage Ui 500V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 5,000V
Dielectric test voltage at ind. Freq. For 1 min. 2.8kV
Mounting category II, III
Pollution degree 2
Protection class IP20
Standard mounting 35mm DIN rail
Ambient temperature -5℃ to +40℃
Storage temperature -25℃ to +70℃ 

Overall and Installation Dimension(mm)

Modular Socket Supplier Modular Socket Drawing


Impulse Relays EKLR16

Modular Socket Supplier Impulse Relays

The impulse relays are used to control, by means of pushbuttons, lighting circuits consisting of:Incandescent lamps, low-voltage halogen lamps, etc. (resistive loads)Fuorescent lamps, discharge lamps, etc. (inductive loads)

Impulse Relays Are Used

Closing of the impulse relay pole(s) is triggered by an impulse on the coil.Having two stable mechanical positions, the pole(s) will be opened by the next impulse. Each impulse received by the coil reverses the position of the pole(s).Can be controlled by an unlimited number of pushbuttons.Zero energy consumption.

Overall and Installation Dimension(mm)

Modular Socket Supplier Impulse Relays Drawing

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